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Would you like to train with a world champion?

Artur Kyshenko, after fighting in the best leagues and being unbeaten for years in K1, continues to love this sport like the first day and he is always ready to share all his years of experience anywhere

He is looking forward to transmitting his skills, routines in group sessions in any place, and his knowledge to anyone passionate about contact sports.

He has given numerous seminars throughout Europe and he’s recently visited the main gyms in the United States while broadcasting and sharing his vision and training system of kickboxing.

Any place

No matter the level of the assistants, Artur knows how to adapt his knowledge and exercises to the level of the practitioners, everyone feels enthusiastic about his exercises, advice, and his best techniques.

You can book a seminar of an hour and a half with this legend of kickboxing, where the participants will not just train, but will also have the opportunity of taking pictures with Artur and asking him their questions.

If you would like to get more info on how to organize a seminar in your gym, just send us a message, filling in the form below.


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