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Artur is an international champion with a professional record of:  

91 - 73 - 13 (37Ko), with more than 20 years of experience in contact sports, he is currently active as a competitor and trains other sportsmen in his gym in Barcelona @kyshenkogym.

In his courses, you can discover the best techniques, training, diets, and secrets that have made him a world middleweight champion of kickboxing with the last 22 fights in a row without losing.

This course is a 21-day challenge. Every day you’ll have 15 - 20 minutes of training, where you will visualize and learn the training routine, with the possibility to train at home or in a gym, alone or with your friend.

I am Artur Kyshenko and today I am an absolute world champion but my life like the life of many other people was not always easy, many things have happened to me, the bad ones and the very good ones, it has been a long journey in which I have had to fight a lot, in the ring and outside of it, but all of this has led me to be who I am today. 

I was born in Odesa, Ukraine, in a humble family. My mother raised me alone since my father was always absent, so she had to work hard. She was my first example of improvement and strength in life. 

The neighborhood where we lived was a poor and troubled area where I had to make myself strong if I wanted to avoid problems and survive. For this reason, when I was 13 I started to practice boxing. In addition to learning to defend myself, boxing helped me to stay away from the problems that a boy could find while living in this environment. But above all, it taught me the great values of sport, perseverance, gave me the effort to improve and improve. Practicing this sport and training every day made my life better, I never missed a training session, even though the gym was far away, I couldn't pay for the bus ticket, so I had to walk there for an hour and another hour to go back home. 

Very early I realized that this should be my path, I didn't have many opportunities in life so I decided to focus all my effort on being the best and carving out a future for myself as a professional fighter. I started to win competitions and soon I discovered Muay Thai, then kickboxing and K1, I traveled all over the world competing and training, achieving success, and becoming world champion several times in all these disciplines.

Now I would like to share with you my experience, knowledge, and training philosophy through my courses that will undoubtedly change your life as a fighter and help you achieve your goals.

Arhur kyshenko

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